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Anglo Indians around the globe WELCOME to "ARAIA's" site for information about our community in Sydney, Australia.

Please Email us, if you have any comments or suggestions about this site or any interesting news and views you would like to share with the Anglo Indian community in Sydney.

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The Australian Residents A I Association Inc.
C/- PO Box 684
 Blacktown NSW 2148


Whilst we who live in Australia, the country we now call HOME, let us reflect on sharing the spirit of giving without placing an emphasis on what WE have.

In the course of our travels to India, everyone of us will recall the disparity in poverty, lack of proper education, the frail aged, the near blind, shanty homes, thread worn clothes, bare feet and scores of heart rendering experiences.

We in the Council and Branch of ARAIA cannot accomplish this project alone without your gracious assistance and generosity to put a SMILE on their faces and food on their plates.

I sincerely solicit any financial and/or tangible gifts you can donate. I am positive you in turn will reap its spiritual remunerations.


Hector Soans

Chairman, Governing Council.


Together we can bring hope to those in despair.

We are concerned at the extent of Poverty, hunger, homelessness and despair in parts of India.

Collectively we can bring some hope and happiness to the less fortunate.

Collectively we can extend a hand to the needy, care for the aged, feed the hungry and shelter the homeless.

Support our requests so as in turn you will be supporting the anguish of OUR fellow community in India. Your GIFT today is their JOY tomorrow.

ARAIA has focused this years collections to support and care for their fellows and an expression of the desire we all have to make the community a better placeb to live in.

ARAIA needs your support to answer to the cries for help we receive and to bring hope to anyone in need.

Noel French

Councillor & Convener

If you wish to donate please Email us.


Please make a gift today to help share the joy of giving to people in distress.


HOT LINE - Phone: 02 9211 6000 Fax: 02 9211 6166